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MBA students help Kopila children fulfil their dreams


The initiative

The MBA students from University of St.Gallen (HSG) have come together to support Kopila in its efforts to fundraise for a new home. The objective is to provide the children with a safe environment where they can live and get an education. The current house, where the children are living, provides too little space for them which leads to the following problems:

  • There is no silent place to concentrate on studying and doing homework.
  • There is no dedicated place for eating.
  • There is no place for operations.
  • Most importantly, it is not earthquake SAFE.

For almost a year, local employees are searching for an existing home to rent, but none have been found to be suitable for the children. The best solution is a new home.

What is Kopila?

Kopila Children’s Home is a non-profit association from Nepal and has the following objective:
Give children the opportunity to attend a university and/or to earn a well-paid profession after the age-related departure from the Kopila Home and the completion of the private school. They will also become financially self-sufficient and can start their own family. They should also enable their children and other children to enjoy a well-structured education and contribute to the construction of Nepal.

Why do the HSG MBA students want to help?

We came to the MBA programme to pursue our dreams, likewise, we want to help Kopila children come closer to theirs. The children dream of being a doctor, engineer and astronaut (to name a few). An education is the key to making these dreams a reality.

The Goal

We are aiming to raise CHF 10,000, which will be topped off by the HSG MBA programme, totalizing CHF17,500.  All the money raised will help the organization build its own house for the Kopila children, which meets their needs. This includes:

  • Enough rooms for the children
  • Separated areas for boys and girls
  • Eating and study rooms
  • Space for an operations office
  • Earthquake security

What are the students doing?

In order to raise this money, we are organizing and participating in a series of fundraising events, including the Zürich Marathon in April 2017, the Paris MBAT event and a pub event in St Gallen in May 2017. More information about this and other events coming soon on our Facebook page!

How can you support?

You can donate now clicking on the link below. Your donation goes directly to Kopila’s bank account, protected by the safest way to pay online (you can find more information below).

Please join us in helping the children of Kopila reaching their dreams!

Disclaimer: Our association works exclusively on an honorary basis. This gives the children of the Kopila Children’s Home 100% of their donations a benefit.



How does the donation work?

  1. Click on the Donate button above and go to the PayPal website.
  2. Once you are at the PayPal website, fill in the field “Spendenbetrag” with the donation amount, in Euros.
  3. Fill in the additional fields with your credit card details and e-mail.
  4. Accept the terms of use.
  5. To finish the donation process, click on the button “Spendendetails prüfen und Weiter”.
  6. Thank you for your donation! The children of Kopila are grateful for your help!


About PayPal

PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. If you pay with PayPal, the organization will not receive your financial information. Upon completion of the payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the transaction.